Argentinien Tango comes to Finland

admin/ November 8, 2020

Tango is Very Popular in Finland

Living in Finland or visiting the Northern shores of Scandinavia you would be hard presses to miss the presence of Tango as dance form and way of life for an ever growing amount of Finnish People.Finland has been the Tango capital of the world for some time even though Tango was invented in Buenos Aires,Argentina in the 1850`s.Not all Finns Tango every weekend,but a surprising amount of Finnish people actively pursue a Friday/Saturday night dancing the Tango whether inside in Tango Dance Halls,Nightclubs or outside at festivals in summer.

History of The Tango

The popular dance and craze of Europe in the 1830s was the Viennese Waltz.This dance consisted of a series of choreographed steps with no actual physical contact between the performers apart from the occasional touching of hands.Following this craze the Polka came in to fashion in the 1840s which in certain instances would involve a closer contact with the accompanying dancer and more levels of intimacy being shown.

Tango From Argentina

The emergence of the Tango from Argentina can be seen through the earliest piece of music written and published in 1857,.The origin of the word Tango looks to have been a direct descendent from Andaluz,Andalucian Tango a region of Spain more well known as Flamenco.It is the belief of some that the origins of Tango spread from Bordellos(Brothels) in South America where the rich would frequent often.The roots of Tango can be seen to have developed and be taken in by the poorer classes,uneducated and under privileged as they were

Finland at first glance may seem not to be the ideal place for Tango to take hold,however Tango is now firmly established here in Finland with the Finns winning Tango Championships both at home in Finland and Internationally

As was written to describe how Tango became imbued in to the very heart of Finnish People;

Somewhere over the high seas there is a land
where a wave laps to the distant shore of Happy Isles
where the most beautiful of flowers always bring in their shine
there the worries of tomorrow may be left forgotten
Oh if one only could get to that fabulous land
then I would never leave it like a bird
but without wings I cannot fly
I am a prisoner of the earth
only by my thoughts, reaching far
I can get there
Fly, my song, there where the fabulous land is gleaming
there where my dearest is waiting for me
fly, my song, there like a gliding bird
tell that in my thoughts there is only him


The Argentinean Tango can be seen to be far more intimate and erotic almost with  clear provocative movements and seductive steps. The Finnish Tango is more a dance of two people sharing an experience together and not displaying their prowess and sexuality to their partner and others.

Seinäjoki Tango Festival

The Seinäjoki Tango Festival is held yearly and attracts over 100 000 viewers.The festival itself is a celebration that combines the fiery Tango of Argentina and melancholic Finnish Tangowith displays from professionals and dancing through the day and night.The journey to Seinäjoki is about a 1 hours drive from Vaasa on the Western Coast of Finland.I must say that from first impressions there is not a lot in Seinäjoki,being an agricultural area there are mainly fields and barns but this area transforms in to a Mecca for Tango lovers in July of each year.Current dates for The Seinajoki Tango Festival I have are 11-15 July.

Over the years living in Helsinki Finland I have discovered a great place where can view or take part you wish to join in the fun of Tango dancing;

Nightclub Vanha Maestro on Fredrikinkatu 51,Helsinki.This is a Mecca for Tango lovers in Helsinki.I feel that I would enjoy taking to Tango dancing but for being visually disabled and traditionally the man is meant to lead and that could turn out to be disastrous for me and my partner.Still there is no harm in watching some of the undisputed masters of the Tango.