Ruthless EZ Duz It Nicotine Salt

admin/ May 7, 2018

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Our fans can’t get enough of Ez Duz It so we knew we had to make a nicotine salt version. Our master flavorist envisioned an e-liquid that was straightforward and timeless. With an incredibly smooth throat hit full of fresh strawberries and sweet watermelon. If you’re looking for a well-balanced and bold fruit flavor, Ez Duz It will leave you refreshed and ready for more.

Ez Duz It Nic Salt is inspired by some of your favorite sugar-filled candies. The vape hit of strawberries and watermelon on your tongue will have your mouth watering for another vape pull.

Fans of Ez Duz It might also enjoy our Rage Nic Salt. Filled with vape flavors of apple and mangoes. Or also our Tropic Thunda Nic Salt for a guava and berries inspired vape hit.

Ez Duz It is available in a 30ml chubby gorilla unicorn bottle. These type of bottles have become standard in the industry due to their no mess features, like the narrow drip tip design. Making squeezing vape juice into your vape tank a cinch.

Ez Duz comes in two different nicotine levels, 35mg and 50mg. Enough to satisfy that late-night sweet tooth and nicotine craving. All in one vape hit!

Ez Duz It Nicotine Salt Eliquid by Ruthless Nicotine Salt 30ml is a cool and sweet blend of strawberries and watermelons for summertime vaping. The fruit flavors taste astoundingly authentic, satisfying you just like fruits that are fresh off of the vine.

Every inhale of Ruthless Ez Duz It ejuice bathes the tongue in the sweet and tangy taste of strawberry juice. Each exhale drenches the taste buds in watermelon juice that’s both cool and refreshing.

Ez Duz It Nicotine Salt vape juice by Ruthless Nicotine Salt comes in a 30ml dropper bottle with a balanced 50/50 VG/PG base.

If you’re searching for your next summertime nic salt flavor, check out Ez Duz It Nicotine Salt e liquid today.

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Weight 3.2 kg
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30 ML

Nicotine Level

35 MG




Strawberry, Watermelon

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