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admin/ September 19, 2017

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Every hit of Ez Duz It on Ice delivers a great combination of strawberries, watermelon and a subtle kick of menthol. Ez Duz It on Ice is the perfect of vape juice for those who love vaping and the luxuries of life. It’s a unique e-liquid flavor you won’t find anywhere else!

The cool, chill rush of the menthol that follows the juicy fresh strawberry and watermelon vape hit is truly unique. We took the great taste of one of our most popular e-liquids and gave it an icy twist.

Menthol lovers are going to appreciate this one. But if strawberries and watermelon are not your thing, Grape Drank on Ice and Antidote on Ice offer different fruity vape flavor profiles.

Ez Duz It on Ice is available in a nicotine-free option or 0mg. As well as with nicotine in levels of 3mg or 6mg.

Ez Duz It on Ice comes bottled in chubby gorilla unicorn bottle, an industry standard. Popular for their ability to easily fill vape tanks with their narrow drip tips and soft squeeze plastic bottles. No more worries about broken glass vape bottles and juice leaking everywhere!

EZ Duz It on Ice 120ml ejuice by Ruthless Vapor eliquid quenches the thirst unlike any other vape juice out there. So, if the hot summer sun is leaving you feeling a need for something deeply refreshing, Ruthless Vapor has got your back. Each inhale of EZ Duz It On Ice is like sipping an ice-cold glass of juice.

EZ Duz It On Ice liquid is a remarkable blend which mixes juicy strawberries, fresh watermelon and a touch of cold menthol to soothe and cool down the palate. This blend of flavors is ideal for warm weather and is like a refreshing bath for the tongue. EZ Duz It On Ice vape juice is one of the latest flavors from Ruthless Vapor, the vape juice brand that has earned an amazing reputation for delivering extremely flavorful and high-quality vape juices to vape enthusiasts all around the world.

The team of flavor experts behind Ruthless Vapor knows just what vape enthusiasts crave on a hot day in the sun. EZ Duz It On Ice mixes three of the most amazingly refreshing flavors together to satisfy your sweet tooth while quenching your thirst.

As you inhale Ruthless Vapor’s EZ Duz It On Ice vape juice, cool watermelon flavor will swirl around with juicy strawberry goodness on the taste buds. At first, the slightly tart notes of these two classic summertime fruits will burst on the palate. As the flavor develops, their sweetness will shine through. As you exhale EZ Duze It On Ice, a shocking hit of menthol will soothe the tongue and throat on impact. This minty fresh top note mixes surprisingly well with these fruit flavors and will ensure that you won’t want to stop vaping this tasty blend.

EZ Duz It On Ice eliquid from Ruthless Vapor comes in five strengths of nicotine. The base of 85 percent vegetable glycerin (VG) and 15 percent propylene glycol (PG) is perfect for exhaling gigantic vape clouds. The 120ml glass dropper bottle feature’s the brand’s elegant logo.

For six years, Ruthless Vapor has been churning out extraordinary e-juice blends made with only the very best flavoring ingredients. Each vape juice from Ruthless Vapor, such as the case with EZ Duze It On Ice, boasts amazing quality and flavor thanks to the attention to detail for which the company is renowned. No juice is released until it has been meticulously tweaked and tested. From gorgeous California, Ruthless Vapor delivers its premium vape juice blends to vape enthusiasts all around the world. The brand’s reputation for creating delicious candy-inspired flavors has made it one of the top e-lquid companies out there.

If you need something that will cool you down this summer, check out EZ Duz It On Ice liquid by Ruthless Vapor 120ml. This refreshing blend of flavors is just what you need on a warm day. A cooling experience of light menthol with fruity strawberry and watermelon awaits you when you vape EZ Duz It On Ice today!

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Strawberry, Watermelon, Menthol

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