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admin/ September 19, 2017

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Grape Drank e-juice is for those who enjoy the juicy flavor of grape soda infused into a tasty e liquid. Vape enthusiasts will fall in love with the sweet taste that engulfs the senses.

Enjoy the taste of your favorite sugar-packed grape soda in this tasty vape juice. We’ve spent hours formulating the perfect mix of flavors to get that classic fizzy grape canned goodness taste.

Are you a fan of Grape Drank but looking to change things up a bit? Cool things up with our menthol version, Grape Drank on Ice. Or maybe grape flavors are not your thing? Lucky for you we’ve spent an equal amount of hours in our mix lab coming up with a strawberry and watermelon version in our Ez Duz It vape juice.

Grape Drank is available in a 0mg nicotine-free vape juice option. As well as available in a 3mg or 6mg nicotine level.

Grape Drank comes in a convenient chubby gorilla unicorn vape bottle. This mess-free bottle is excellent for filling up on the go. Its narrow drip tip design is perfectly sized for inserting into most vape tank slots.

Grape Drank 120ml e-juice by Ruthless Vapor eliquid combines the taste of juicy, fresh purple grapes with indulgent sugary soda. The result is a vaping experience that will please your sweet tooth while quenching your thirst like nothing else. Each inhale of Grape Drank will quiet your cravings just like the real thing.

Ruthless Vapor has been killing it at the vape juice game for quite some time now thanks to its unique flavors made with the very best ingredients available. Their most recent vape juice product is Grape Drank, a sweet and sugary grape soda flavor that packs a punch of sugary and fruity flavor. Already, Grape Drank is becoming the top grape flavor vape juice of choice among grape lovers everywhere.

If grape soda is your soft drink of choice, Grape Drank by Ruthless Vapor is undoubtedly the vape juice for you. By perfectly extracting the authentic flavor of juicy purple grapes, Grape Drank vape is remarkably refreshing to the palate while satisfying your sugar cravings on impact. The result is a juice that is so astoundingly flavorful that you won’t be able to put it down.

When you inhale Grape Drank juice by Ruthless Vapor, your taste buds will instantly rejoice as soon as the yummy grape flavor hits the tongue. Ruthless Vapor’s blend of high-quality ingredients ensures that you will be getting the taste of real grapes that don’t have that synthetic aftertaste. When you exhale, sweet and syrupy soda will provide you with deep satisfaction.

Grape Drank eliquid from Ruthless Vapor boasts an 85 percent vegetable glycerin (VG) and 15 percent propylene glycol (PG) base, making Grape Drank the perfect vape juice for cloud chasers across the country. You can enjoy 120ml of grape juice fun when you vape Grape Drank; that features the brand’s iconic logo as well. It also comes in 5 different nicotine strengths to select from.

Based in Southern California, Ruthless Vapor has been producing high-quality vape juice products since 2011. Thanks to its team of creatives mixologists who concoct whimsical flavor combinations that we all crave; the brand has steadily risen in popularity since its launch. The brand prides itself on its high standards and insists on using only the very best ingredients around.

Ruthless Vapor is renowned for its candy flavors that evoke childhood memories. Grape Drank is the latest vape juice from the brand and is sure to be one of the top-selling vape juice products of the summer, as well as possibly bring you back some nostalgic memories.

If you could gulp down a refreshing glass of grape soda with every meal, Grape Drank liquid by Ruthless Vapor is going to be your new favorite flavor. This refreshing blend of sweet grapes and soda will refresh your taste buds like an ice-cold glass of the real thing. Get ready for a wave of unforgettable grape flavor with every hit of Grape Drank e juice.

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