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admin/ August 27, 2017

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Jungle Fever e-Juice is undoubtedly one of the best pineapple and mango vape juices on the market. It is among the top vape juice flavors due to its amazing flavor and consistent cloud production. The unusual blend of tart pineapple and honeyed mango combine to make a delightful vape hit from inhale to exhale.

Our e-liquid mixologists created something special with Jungle Fever. As the pineapple flavor hits your taste buds you will be amazed at the accuracy of how it would be biting into a fresh slice. The mango rush that follows soothes the tartness. Making this e-juice more than a flavor, but a vape experience.

Looking for a more subtle vape hit, or simply not a fan of pineapple? Our Rage vape juice keeps the sweet mango flavor but trades the pineapple for delicious apple. Maybe a blast of a tropical fruit and pear blend is what you need? Paradize vape juice hits the spot with its passion fruit, pear and peaches combination.

Jungle Fever vape juice comes in nicotine level options of 0mg, 3mg and 6mg. 0mg will be your choice if you are looking for a nicotine-free vape juice.

Jungle fever won’t leave you with a bag or drawer full of messy vape juice either. It comes in a chubby gorilla unicorn bottle that has become a vape industry standard. And when you get your hands on it you’ll know why. The soft squeeze bottle and narrow drip tip make it perfect for filling up vape tanks.

Jungle Fever eJuice by Ruthless Vapor 120ml combines bright citrus with sweet, tropical mango and tangy pineapple. The result is a flavor combination that hits the taste buds in all the right places. Each inhale and exhale of Jungle Fever vape juice is like paradise for your tongue, refreshing your palate in a way that nothing else can.

Do you spend your days at work daydreaming about sitting on a luxurious island, sipping away at a tropical fruit cocktail? If the answer is yes, then you have absolutely got to try Jungle Fever eliquid by Ruthless Vapor. The brand that is well-known for its extraordinary fruit-based flavor combinations has created Jungle Fever, an e-juice sensation that sends the taste buds away to a nice tropical bliss.

If you are now in the hunt for a unique blend of pineapples, mangos, and citrus, that will make you feel as though you are on a tropical island, then Jungle Fever by Ruthless Vapor is for you.

If your cocktail of choice is a combination of tropical flavors, you are going to love Jungle Fever juice from Ruthless Vapor. This mouth-watering combination of sweet, tangy and bright fruit juices is going to quench your thirst on impact. You will experience that Jungle Fever flavor in the vaping morning to sunset.

When you inhale Jungle Fever vape juice, the acidic brightness of citrus fruits is going to tease your tongue. As the flavor lingers on the palate, sweetness from juicy, ripe mango takes over and satisfies your sweet tooth. As you exhale, tangy and refreshing pineapple completes the journey of fruity tastes.

Because Ruthless Vapor uses the very best ingredients around, each inhale and exhale of Jungle Fever vape tastes like a glass of freshly-squeezed juice. You won’t get any artificial aftertaste or unpleasantness from synthetic sweetening agents.

Jungle Fever has a base of 90 percent vegetable glycerin (VG) and 10 percent propylene glycol (PG). With a high amount of vegetable glycerin, this vape juice is perfect for vape enthusiasts who are serious about chasing puffy clouds. Jungle Fever ejuice comes in a glass 120ml dropper bottle and is available in five strengths of nicotine.

Since 2011, Ruthless Vapor has been dazzling the palates of vape enthusiasts around the world. The company, based in California, continues to create thrilling flavors that capture exactly what it is that vape enthusiasts crave. Each vape juice blend from Ruthless Vapor is carefully handcrafted to ensure the very best quality possible. The team behind each flavor blend is obsessed with creating the most intensely flavorful vape juices around, such as the case with Jungle Fever.

If you are always longing for a getaway to paradise, satisfy your cravings by indulging in Jungle Fever vape juice by Ruthless Vapor. This deeply refreshing blend of tropical fruits and citrus will make you feel like you are lounging on a beach far, far away. Now, what could be better and simply more relaxing, than that type of vaping experience from Jungle Fever.

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Pineapple, Mango, Citrus fruits

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