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Rise It by Ruthless Liquids is an e-juice that tastes like lychee mango. Vaping this Ruthless e-juice is a crazy flavor combination of fruits. This Ruthless e-juice Rise flavored e juice by Ruthless liquids is an amazing fruity lychee and mango juice e juice flavor. Vaping this Ruthless flavor Rise is a sweet treat as well as an excellent flavor extravaganza.

Ruthless e-liquids are the product of dedicated California e juice makers who can be credited with making Ruthless e juices available to the world vaping market. They are focused on making all their flavors with USA made ingredients. When vaping Ruthless you will be pleased with not only the tasty flavors but also quality of the flavor. Through months of research and development and using only the finest ingredients, Ruthless created a unique, handcrafted line of e-liquids that have proved to be tasty all-day vapes and fan favorites. Building off the line’s positive reception, Ruthless continues to spread the word and grow within the vaping community, winning over vapers one bottle at a time. Ruthless main focus is to produce their e-juices with the highest quality ingredients. They never put any additives or food coloring in their liquids. They currently have thirteen flavors.

Most of the Ruthless liquids are sweet and delicious, that is what Ruthless e juices are known for. They twisted it up a bit with the Rise flavor. Although Rise is very sweet and delicious it is also mouth watering and fresh fruit tasting. It is not a dessert e juice like so many other on the market, instead it is a fresh fruit flavor. When smoking a Ruthless e-juice you will be smoking quality flavors that the creators have taken time to make the best flavor. The great thing about Rise is you can get all the joy of eating tasty fresh lychee and mango, and while vaping you can enjoy that feeling and taste any day any time. This e-liquid delivered above and beyond of everyone expectations. Rise is available in 15 ml, 30ml and 120ml bottle with a Dripper, and is the best “all day” vape.

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Lychee, Mango

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