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admin/ September 7, 2017

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Dive into a tropical paradise with this delightful blend of peach, papaya, and guava. Slurricane E-Juice provides the perfect blend of refreshing fruit. This heavenly juice blend is smooth on the throat and mellow to the taste—perfect for an all-day vape.

From your first vape hit, the rush of sweet peach that is softened by the creamy papaya will blow you away. The after notes of the mildly rich guava creates a flawless experience that will satisfy the daintiest of palettes. Slurricane e-juice is a unique and tropical vape that will have your tastebuds in awe.

Maybe a tropical vape getaway is not in your future. Our fan-favorite, Grape Drank, or sour apple classic Swamp Thang solves that problem. By bringing you back home. To a time of sipping on delicious grape soda or sucking on your favorite green apple candy on a summer day.

Slurricane is available with nicotine in levels of 3mg or 6mg. A 0mg nicotine-free option is also available to those who desire it.

The tropical sweetness of Slurricane e-juice is perfect for traveling. Packaged in our chubby gorilla unicorn bottles, this makes it easy to throw in your travel bag. No more worries of messy vape tank spills or broken glass vape bottles. The narrow drip tip and easy-squeeze bottle guarantee no more lost vape juice.

Slurricane 120ml e-juice by Ruthless Vapor combines tangy guava, sweet papaya and juicy peach for the ultimate fruit flavor bomb. Each inhale of Slurricane refreshes you like a big glass of freshly-squeezed juice on a hot day.

When summer is in full swing, you usually crave something sweet and tangy to refresh your palate while basking in the warm sun. When the weather gets super-hot, there is nothing like an ice-cold glass of juice to cool us down.

If you are a vape enthusiast who desires exquisite tropical flavors all day long, Ruthless Vapor has created a delicious fruit blend just for you in the form of a massive vape storm called Slurricane.

Ruthless Vapor just won’t stop delivering exciting vape juice flavors that we didn’t realize we were craving. Slurricane is a gorgeous combination of three fruits that immediately make us think of glorious summer weather. This cocktail of juicy goodness offers sweet and tangy notes alongside a serious tropical punch.

When you inhale Slurricane E-liquid by Ruthless Vapor, the exotic flavors of guava and papaya will allow you to close your eyes and drift away to paradise. These tropical treats offer tangy sweetness that will titillate your tongue with each inhale. With Ruthless being known for their high-quality fruit flavors, you can know for certain that each puff will taste just like the real fruits that you love. When you exhale Slurricane, juicy ripe peaches will round out the flavor profile. Bursting with flavor, these three fruits complement each other beautifully.

Ruthless Vapor’s Slurricane vape juice comes in a massive 120ml glass dropper bottle and is available in five different nicotine strengths. With a 90 percent vegetable glycerin (VG) base, Slurricane is perfect for producing impressively thick and huge vape clouds with each exhale.

Since 2011, Ruthless Vapor has been at the top of the vape juice game. Few other brands can come close to their success thanks to unique flavoring ingredients that are superior in quality. Each juice from Ruthless Vapor has been obsessively tweaked and tested for flavor. Therefore, each bottle that leaves the brand’s factory promises hours of deeply pleasurable vaping. Their knack for perfecting fruity flavors like Slurricane keeps vapers coming back for more.

Ruthless Vapor has created yet another hit with Slurricane vape. It refreshes like nothing else with its juicy tropical flavor. If the combination of peach, guava, and papaya is your idea of an ideal fruit cocktail, pick up one of these 120ml bottles and vape the day away in flavor paradise.

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Peach, Papaya, Guava

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