Ruthless Swamp Thang Nicotine Salt

admin/ May 7, 2018

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Our culinary trained mixologists transformed our favorite sour apple into a mouthwatering e-liquid. If you’re searching for an apple-flavored vape juice that isn’t overly sweet, then Swamp Thang will easily make a perfect all day vape for you. Every hit will deliver a crisp green apple flavor and a subtle tartness that resembles your favorite sour apple candy.

Swamp Thang brings the experience of ripe, off the branch apples into an amazing vape. Created to duplicate some of your favorite sugary sour apple candy treats. Want an enjoyable throwback to some of your favorite sour hard candy? This e-liquid will take you there.

Maybe sour apple isn’t your thing. Our Grape Drank Nic Salt is a classic callback to some of the most popular grape sodas that have ever existed. Something a little more exotic? Paradize Nic Salt is a tropical eruption of flavors. A smooth vape hit of passion fruit, pear, and peach that will perk up your taste buds.

The big flavor of Swamp Thang comes in a convenient 30ml bottle. These mini chubby gorilla unicorn vape bottles are perfect for spill-free vape tank fills. The soft squeeze plastic casing makes getting the right amount of e-liquid a breeze.

Swamp Thang Nicotine Salt Eliquid by Ruthless Nicotine Salt 30ml is the tart and sugary green apple candy flavor that your sweet tooth has been begging for. The splash of sour sugar makes the mouth pucker like nothing else. This lip-smacking e liquid flavor tastes just like those little cylinders of green candy that deliver serious juiciness to the tongue.

Every inhale of Ruthless Swamp Thang ejuice delivers sour green apple flavor that makes you salivate on contact. The sourness slowly dissipates as the sugary candy taste takes over. Meanwhile, the juiciness of this candy flavor takes care of your thirst. Each exhale tastes just like sweet green apple candy.

Swamp Thang Nicotine Salt vape juice by Ruthless Nicotine Salt comes in a 30ml dropper bottle with a balanced 50/50 VG/PG base.

When it comes to an enticing green apple candy flavor that’s both sour and sugary, Swamp Thang Nicotine Salt eliquid is what you need.

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Weight 3.2 kg
Bottle Size

30 ML

Nicotine Level

35 MG