Ruthless Swamp Thang

admin/ September 7, 2017

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Enjoy a delicious burst of sour candied apples, paired with a smooth and mellow throat hit. Swamp Thang by Ruthless is a mouth-watering vape juice with a sweet and sour kick to your taste buds. A smooth throat hit and a flavor that is unlike anything else out there will leave you wanting more.

One vape hit and you will be thinking you just took a bite out of a granny smith apple. Swamp Thang vape juice will remind you of some of your favorite childhood lollipops and hard candy. You’ll be expecting a bubble gum center and a green tongue with each pull of your vape.

Green apple flavor not your thing? Get an apple and mango rush of flavor from our Ruthless Rage vape juice. Or the passion fruit, pear and peach blast from our Ruthless Paradize. Both of these vape juice options have a great and unique flavor profile.

Looking for a 0mg nicotine-free vape juice? Swamp Thang comes in a 0mg option. Also with nicotine in levels of 3mg and 6mg.

Swamp Thang e-juice comes in a chubby gorilla unicorn bottle. What makes these bottles so great? If you are used to your vape juice coming in glass bottles with those messy drippers you will never want to use them again. The easy squeezability and narrow drip tip of the chubby bottles make them perfect for filling up vape tanks and pods.

Swamp Thang eJuice by Ruthless Vapor 60ml is a deliciously sweet and sour, as well as intense green apple candy with undertones of natural Granny Smith apples. When it comes to sour apple candy, that is a flavor we all continue to enjoy. Something about that intense sourness followed by satisfying sugary sweetness delights the taste buds unlike anything else.

With Swamp Thang, vape enthusiasts can enjoy that juicy green apple flavor mixed with sour apple candy. This sweet and sour blend of flavors is a treat for the taste buds and can be enjoyed all day long.

Swamp Thang eliquid delivers the very best flavor around for those who can’t stop craving sweet and sour apple goodness Swamp Thang really is a brilliant vape from Ruthless Vapor that provides a punch of sour apple with sweet granny smith undertones. The result is a truly delightful vaping experience for those who can’t get enough of tart and sugary apple flavor.

When you first inhale Ruthless Vapor’s Swamp Thang vape juice, your tongue will be stricken by intensely sour apple flavor. While many candy vape juice flavors out there use flavoring agents that have a synthetic aftertaste, Swamp Thang is pleasingly natural-tasting. As the sour apple taste sits on the tongue, you will think you are sucking on a hard candy from childhood.

As you exhale, the refreshing taste of crisp granny smith apples will take over your palate. The sweetness from authentic and fresh apples will balance out the sourness of the candy flavor, leaving you feeling incredibly refreshed throughout the vaping experience.

Swamp Thang vape by Ruthless Vapor comes in a 60ml glass dropper bottle which features the brand’s logo and is available in five nicotine strengths. With a base of 85 percent vegetable glycerin (VG) and 15 percent propylene glycol (PG), vape enthusiasts can impress their friends with enormous and thick clouds of vapor. This is a nice ratio for beginner and serious cloud chasers alike.

Since 2011, Ruthless Vapor, located in California is famous for its exciting flavor combinations that use only the very best ingredients. With high-quality flavoring extracts, each juice blend tastes like the real thing and can be enjoyed for hours on end, like with Swamp Thang juice. Also, each juice from Ruthless Vapor e-liquid is handcrafted with an attention to detail. so that each customer is completely satisfied.

If sweet and sour apple is your candy flavor of choice, check out Ruthless Vapor’s Swamp Thang eliquid. This refreshing take, on sour apple, combines candy flavors with the taste of real granny smith apples to take your taste buds on a serious ride and possible nostalgic journey.

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