Success of Finnish Education System

admin/ November 8, 2020

Finnish Education System Shines

The Finnish Education system has been under close eyes from abroad for some years now.The Finnish Education system is held in so high esteem that over 100 foreign delegations and governments visited Helsinki ,with the hope of studying and learning the secret to Finnish schools success

It turns out that Finland`s pupils were scoring consistently high in maths,science and reading.This was shown in 2006 and earlier years to be higher than anywhere else in the world.The delegations came to find out why the Finnish education system performs so outstandingly well and as a result the children benefit.

Finnish Education System Philosophy

The Finnish education system philosophy is that everyone has something to give and those who struggle in certain subjects should not be left behind

A tactic used in almost every lesson is the provision of an extra teacher who helps those who struggle in a particular subject. But the pupils are all kept in the same classroom, regardless of their ability in that particular subject.

A typical Finnish school classroom will consist of not one teacher but two or even three,The children are encouraged to help other students who show signs of struggling.Combined with the teachers assistance the experience for the student is both assistive and supportive.Children on entering school are quickly reminded that school is a place of learning,trust,and relaxation.All children first take their shoes off when entering the school.

Another point is creating stability for the children.The Finnish education system combines both primary and secondary schools together so causing the least disruption for a child having to change schools.Most young children will stay with the same teachers for their entire education up until 16 when the youngster can and many choose to do so;go to high school and earn themselves the right to wear the white cap

Less is More Finnish Education System
Children in Finland only start main school at age seven. The idea is that before then they learn best when they’re playing and by the time they finally get to school they are keen to start learning.

Finnish parents obviously claim some credit for the impressive school results. There is a culture of reading with the kids at home and families have regular contact with their children’s teachers.

Teaching is a prestigious career in Finland. All teachers need to hold a masters degree.Teachers are highly valued and teaching standards are high.

The educational system’s success in Finland seems to be part cultural. Pupils study in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

Finland also has low levels of immigration. So when pupils start school the greatest have Finnish as their native language, eliminating an obstacle that other societies often face.

The system’s success is built on the idea of less can be more. There is an emphasis on relaxed schools, free from political prescriptions. This combination, they believe, means that no child is left.

The Finnish Education System is not only a tribute to the teachers but the children themselves